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Updated 12/18/11

These pages used to contain a collection of some of the artwork I've made over the years, but now they are mostly for distributing the GNU FEA software I wrote, (SLFFEA), CFD software (SLFCFD), and CEM software, (SLFCEM), which is all people seem to care about. They still have artwork in case anyone is interested.
In June of 2013, I released a music video using a lot of artwork created in 2012 and 2013 called Commenticium City .
For my tiling work, I had a breakthrough in December of 2011 when I tiled the hypercube. You may find it interesting.
If you're one of the few non-engineers visiting this site, you may want to check out some of the paintings I've done. They were all painted using watercolors and an airbrush. Their dimensions are 76 cm X 56 cm (30 in. X 22 in).
The second thing to look at is the children's story I wrote with my mother. It is called Snail Stairwell . Go here for a quick reference to Snail Stairwell . I've sent the manuscript and artwork to several publishers, but unfortunately, they were not interested. They probably disliked the engineering theme.
The last bit of art for you to see are the paintings I've made of my favorite band, the Sundays .
I have some of my art in the Bridges Organization's 2012 Conference .
You can also visit my brother Vinh's Belly/Tanya Donelly page . He has a very extensive discography of this band.

All artwork is the copyright of San Le.
Please email if you have any questions or comments.
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